Standard Setting Organization (SSO)

An organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute [ANSI] that develops and maintains standards for information transactions or data elements, or any other standard that is necessary for, or will facilitate the implementation of, this part. [45 CFR 160.103] 

A prescribed set of rules, conditions, or requirements describing the following information for products, systems, services or practices: 

  1. Classification of components. 

  2. Specification of Materials, performance, or operations. 

  3. Delineation of procedures. [45 CFR 160.103]

A standard is a mechanism or process used to implement a policy. For example, if an Internet use policy blocks access to pornography across the entire organization, it would be possible to set up a computer server to detect violations of this policy. A network administrator would have to configure a rule to “block pornography” at each office or point where users can access the Internet. Note that a standard is not a step-by-step instruction set but a standard solution to a policy. 

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